Type of sample/quantity required: excisional or incisional biopsies of pathological material for histological examination must be fixed in “10% buffered formalin solution for histology” (40% formaldehyde solution with phosphate buffer, to maintain a pH of 7 to 7.2). The use of other fixatives must be agreed with the laboratory.
Samples must be placed in wide-mouthed, unbreakable, airtight containers, suitable for holding ‘at least’ five times the volume of fixative as the volume of material to be examined. Formalin containers may be ordered directly from the laboratory.

Storage/shipping method: the speed of fixation, and therefore how soon preparation of the material can begin, depends on the size and thickness of the sample and the amount of fixative used.
Brief information about the sample (owner of animal, species, origin of material) must be written on the container. Accompanying sheets providing clinical/medical history data must be placed in envelopes and separated from containers carrying samples with fixation fluid.

Reception days: every day from Monday to Saturday;
Examination/reporting days: every day from Monday to Saturday;
Waiting time: the report will be issued within 9 working days from the date of acceptance if the samples arrive at the laboratory correctly fixed.