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The 1st veterinary testing laboratory in in Italy

We support veterinary doctors with the most authoritative experts and the best services to ensure the well-being and longevity of animals.
Thanks to the many veterinarians who choose us, we are the number one veterinary testing laboratory in Italy.


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The importance of in-depth diagnostics

70% of clinical diagnoses are based on laboratory diagnostics.
60% of the information in medical records is laboratory tests.
50% less costs related to clinical case management thanks to laboratory diagnostics (and, therefore, also a significant reduction in the time to reach a diagnosis).

That’s why veterinary tests are so important for the health of your pets, help your vet make correct diagnoses and save you money!

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Clinical diagnoses based on laboratory diagnostics


Content of medical records consisting of laboratory tests


Costs related to clinical case management


Attentive to our needs

The best experts at your side

You can seek advice from the best experts for all-round support in your veterinary practice, from the interpretation of laboratory tests to the clinical management of the animal.

Certified reports

Enjoy the peace of mind of certified laboratory reports, always available online. The analyses you entrust to us are guaranteed by a certified quality chain.

Scientific Update

We offer you constant scientific updating for your veterinary professionalism through seminars and scientific publications.

Attentive to your needs

Your requests are the focus of our attention.
In order to provide you with maximum support in your business, our services also improve day by day based on your input.

Respect for the environment

We share your love for animals and the environment, which is why we do everything we can to achieve zero emissions.

Commitment to social work

We are grateful for what we have and we also want to share it with those who need it more than we do by working alongside international and local initiatives.

Authoritative information for families

At your side to make families aware of the importance of prevention and care for their pets.

The power of proximity

The security of timely help from your dedicated sales representative.

Innovators in soul

The only certainty is change: we must anticipate it with courage and passion in order to win together!

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Pet Parents

What to do if your animal is sick

We understand your concern, and the first act of love towards your pet is the decision to contact your veterinarian in a timely manner.
MyLav provides your vet with the best technical expertise and advice from a pool of experts to effectively address your pet’s health problem.

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Close to your vet close to your family

Pet Parents

Caring for your pet is simple

  • Rely on a qualified professional
  • Ask which check-ups should be done
  • Follow your vet’s advice to keep your pet healthy

Prevention saves lives, anticipating events is the surest way to love and live your pet to the fullest.

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