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Our commitment to ethical and social responsibility


The Laboratory for Veterinary Analyses La Vallonea s.r.l. (hereafter La Vallonea) operates in the field of veterinary laboratory medicine.
The legal form is that of a corporation with a sole director.
Any and all actions of La Vallonea are carried out in full compliance with the rules enshrined in our legal system and according to the rules of legality, transparency, loyalty, confidentiality and respect for privacy.
The addressees of this code of ethics are all those who, directly or indirectly, carry out their activity in a priority or complementary capacity in the name of and on behalf of La Vallonea and who are obliged by the general management to take note of this code and to adopt it in their way of acting.


Anyone acting in the name of and on behalf of La Vallonea is required to comply with precise rules of conduct and to adopt a modus operandi that does not generate a conflict of interest with the company.
Any act or fact that may generate a prejudice against La Vallonea, in order to procure a personal good, will be considered a non-compliance with the ethical procedures set out in this code and will therefore not be tolerated.


All those who work with the laboratory are obliged to adopt and fully comply with the provisions of this code of ethics.
The adoption of and compliance with the code is a substantive obligation of all personnel and is inseparable from any requirement.
Compliance with the sanctioned standards is an integral part of company policy and, as such, is of particular value in the management of the company.


All employees are obliged to report any violation in acts or deeds of any operator and/or collaborator against the rules laid down in this code.
Reports of such violations shall be made anonymously, using the form provided in the company for this purpose, and shall not entail any prejudice to the complainant or to himself, except in strict dependence on the fact being reported and duly verified by the staff in charge.
The obligation to report has the sole and exclusive value of assisting the company in its growth and development and can never be understood as an act of mere ‘labour retaliation’.


Company personnel work in the field of veterinary laboratory medicine according to their respective competences and in full compliance with the provisions of this code of ethics.
The selection and rewarding of staff is done exclusively on a meritocratic basis and without any discrimination on grounds of sex, race, religion, political beliefs or anything else that might constitute a discriminatory choice.
The management is committed to ensuring that staff can work in conditions of adequacy and peace of mind, without the possibility of work pressure, selective work and work stress.


The working environment guarantees the best possible working conditions to enable the personnel employed to carry out all actions and work operations in the most correct and healthy manner.
All laboratory staff strive to create and maintain a healthy, safe working environment, free from any risk to human health, in full compliance with the provisions of the workplace protection and safety regulations.
All personnel are obliged to learn the operational procedures relating to safety and to follow them slavishly.


Company personnel undertake to conduct themselves in their own way in compliance with the provisions on respect for privacy in our legal system.
In particular, La Vallonea guarantees its customers the exclusive ownership of the reports, accounting material and examinations carried out in the name and on behalf of the requesting veterinary surgeon, undertaking not to disclose such data to other persons.


La Vallonea places the veterinary client at the centre of its work.
It specifically ensures respect for privacy, ownership of laboratory data, consulting and updating in the field of clinical pathology.
The laboratory considers the fulfilment of customer requirements as a priority, modulating the service offered according to the specific needs of the requesting veterinary surgeon, in relation to the choice of tests offered, the method of sending data (laboratory results), professional and informative logistical support, and corrections that can be made to the sample collection service.
In particular, La Vallonea sees itself as the ideal working partner for its customers, going beyond the simple customer/supplier relationship, making its customers’ needs its own in relation to the management of their customers, confirming itself as the ‘partner laboratory of the veterinarian’.


The Vallonea considers the proper management of relations with its suppliers to be of fundamental importance, considering them its working partners.
All working relationships undertaken are managed in accordance with the rules of professional fairness, fair employment, respect for privacy and co-management of non-conformities.
Suppliers are chosen exclusively on the basis of the quality and goodness of the services offered, eliminating any possible discriminatory choice.
The management of relations established over time with its suppliers is carried out by placing the needs of the supplier companies at the centre, always respecting the fundamental principle of not generating conflicts of interest with the company.


The Vallonea guarantees service users the maintenance of very high quality standards, as required, and certified, by international control bodies.
It specifically guarantees the high professionalism of the staff employed, the use of equipment of the highest level and proven and certified quality, the adoption of standardised and approved analytical methods, where applicable, for veterinary medicine, and the continuous and capillary control of the results generated through the daily comparison of the data obtained, with internal quality controls (IQC) and external quality assessments (EQA), carried out at laboratories certified for this purpose.
The constant and continuous commitment to maintaining high quality levels is guaranteed and manifested by the acquisition and maintenance of the ISO quality certifications required in the field of laboratory medicine.


Our mission is to offer our customers, whom we consider our business partners, the highest standard of quality and the best services at a competitive price by offering: quality, service, convenience.

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