Type of sample/quantity required: at least 0.5 ml of serum: to obtain good quality serum it is essential to use tubes with separator gel and activator granules (these can be obtained from the laboratory by ordering them directly from the dedicated section of the online shop), wait for a clot to form, then centrifuge the sample for 10′ at 3000 RPM. The serum must then be separated as quickly as possible:

Storage/shipping methods: serum must be stored and shipped at refrigeration temperature;

Reception days: every day from Monday to Saturday;
Examination/reporting days: every day from Monday to Saturday;
Waiting times: reports are issued on the same day as the samples are received.


  • Take an initial blood sample in the morning on an empty stomach;
  • Take a second sample about two hours after a meal containing small amounts of high-protein, high-fat food. The aim is to stimulate emptying of the gallbladder with small doses of a food containing a high concentration of fat and protein, which does not cause lipaemia.